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Sometimes I wonder who gets laid more often, me or my husband? I'd say it's pretty damn close but I think overall I come out ahead. This time Jake was the lucky winner. We were getting ready to head out for dinner with my hot friend Sammy when Jake started saying how horny he was after watching us in the shower together. Of course neither Sammy nor I are the type to let a good hard cock go to waste so we didn't hesitate to take advantage of Jake's offer to fuck us both before leaving for dinner. Although we were both all dressed up and.....ready to go out to dinner we stripped out of our clothes so we could get some dick first!

Sammy and I took turns sucking Jake’s cock as we got things warmed up. I really wanted a taste of her pussy so I went down on her while she and Jake were making out. Sammy soon returned the favor by going down on me and I have to tell you this girl really knows how to use her tongue. The moment Jake saw Sammy eating my pussy with her ass up in the air he positioned himself behind her and slid his rock hard cock balls deep inside her. I almost came when Sammy let out a squeal as Jake entered her. He began fucking her faster and harder as she continued eating my pussy.

The way we were positioned I could see my husband’s cock drilling away at my friend’s fuck hole as she was going down on me. With that much physical and visual stimulation, I came pretty fucking quickly even for me. At some point we switched positions and Jake was lying on his back as Sammy rode his dick and I rode his face. I could have gotten off just from Jake’s tongue but hearing Sammy ride his cock to orgasm really put me over the edge myself as I came on his face multiple times. Sammy finally relinquished his cock to me and he started fucking me missionary style as he made out with her.

Watching the two of them making out while I was being fucked was such a turn on that I came several more times. I honestly lost track of how many orgasms I had during our playtime but I know it had to be at least ten. Anything over six in my book is a good fuck, and when I can’t actually keep track of the total that’s a really good fuck! When Jake was finally ready to bust a nut he pulled out of my pussy and shot his load all over both my face and Sammy’s face along with plastering my stomach. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell he shoots so much and so far. I’ve obviously been with a number of guys in my life but I’ve yet to see one who shoots with the volume and velocity that explodes from Jake’s cock on a regular basis. If you’re a guy who shoots loads like Jake I’d really like to hear from you, maybe we .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie, Sammy Tyler



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