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I surprised Jake with an afternoon blow job yesterday. While replying to some member e-mail I came across a really interesting one from "DavidT66". David described in vivid detail how he had fucked the hell out of his wife and shot his load down the back of her throat the night before. Reading David's e-mail had me craving the taste of cum so badly that I ran upstairs where Jake was watching television. I demanded that he turn over the remote control and shut off the TV. I then stripped him out of his pants and proceeded to suck.....him off like there was no tomorrow.

I had a one-track mind at the time. I wanted cum and I wanted it badly. I didn’t want any long drawn out foreplay, I didn’t want to be fucked. I didn’t want my pussy stuffed with cock like I normally do. I just wanted a nice hard dick exploding in my mouth and shooting cum down the back of my throat. I just love the feeling of a cock exploding inside my mouth. I love everything about it, the taste, the smell, the texture, everything! I especially love when it shoots out with so much velocity and volume that I have to struggle to get it all down. When that happens I know I’ve done a really good job for whomever I’m blowing at the time.

Oh and for anyone worried that I may have interrupted Jake’s precious television show don’t worry, he dvr’d it. So not only did he get his cock sucked he also didn’t miss any of his show. Besides, what guy would pass on .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, NaughtyAllie



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