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Whenever I manage to drag Jake to the mall he always wants to know why it takes me so damn long to try on clothes, especially if it’s lingerie. Well, I’ve always told him that I want to be sure everything fits just right and it takes awhile to change in and out of a bunch of different outfits. Of course that’s not the full story. Whenever I go into a dressing room with a bunch of sexy lingerie I can’t seem to stop myself from masturbating. I just get so fucking aroused standing there in that sexy underwear knowing that I’m mere.....inches from total strangers separated only by a curtain or half door.

I always get extremely aroused when I’m in any state of undress in a public or semi-public environment. I guess that’s just the exhibitionist in me. Anyway, usually when I go lingerie shopping by the time I make it to the dressing room I’m already so wet and horny that I’m ready to fuck a doorknob or just about anything else I can find. Luckily I always come prepared. You all know my purse is packed with at least one vibrator or another at all times. Most of the time I actually carry two just so I have a back-up.

This time I pulled out my trusty little silver bullet vibrator in the dressing room and began to massage my clit with it as I finger fucked my soaking wet pussy. Just hearing people walking by and talking only inches from me as I got myself off really heightened the experience and took my orgasm to a whole new level. Although I was trying to keep my moaning to a minimum I thought for sure someone was going to knock on the door and ask, “Is everything ok in there?” Anyway guys, when you start to wonder why it’s taking your gal so long in the dressing room perhaps she.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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