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~kisses, Allie.


Everyone has their own way of unwinding after a long hard day at work. Some people enjoy curling up on the couch with a good book. Others may prefer chilling out in front of the boob tube for awhile. Of course relaxation routines are often influenced by the weather. In the wintertime when it’s a little chilly outside I love to get naked, grab one of my vibrators and curl up next to a warm cozy fire.

There’s something about the way the heat radiates off a fireplace that makes every inch of my exposed flesh tingle. It just.....makes my skin feel electrified from head to toe, especially near my erogenous zones! Once I’m naked in front of a warm fire the urge to masturbate is so overwhelming that it’s impossible for me to resist! It’s so bad that I often avoid walking too close to fireplaces in public areas. Even when I’m fully clothed it makes me so fucking horny that I’m afraid I may lose control and strip down right then and there.

The last time Jake and I stayed at a hotel there was a fireplace in the lobby and I was sitting in front of it while he checked in. By the time he finished I was ready to explode! I rushed him up to the room and fucked him senseless for about an hour. Oh and there was a fireplace in the room too so you can only imagine how lucky he got that weekend. Anyway, I thought I’d share this little deviant quirk of mine with everyone and I hope y.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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