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One night last week while getting ready for a dinner date with Jake I started to get extremely horny. I had picked out a hot little dress that pretty much put my tits on full public display. I know how much my hubby loves cleavage so I had no doubt my sexy outfit would get me laid that night. As I was doing my hair I remembered the last time we went out to dinner. We had been enjoying a few drinks at a local pub type restaurant when I felt his hand begin to slide up my inner thighs. At that point it didn’t take long for him to figure out.....that I wasn’t wearing any panties, yeah he’s quick like that.

I tried to be cool about it but once I felt his finger slide inside me I couldn’t help but let out an audible moan that I know had to have been heard by half the restaurant. Judging by the look on our waiters face he heard it too! Anyway, just thinking about our last date made me so fucking horny that I had to grab a few toys to get warmed up for what was yet to come that evening. I had about thirty minutes to kill until Jake got home so I got right down to business with my favorite glass toy and a vibrator. As I was fucking myself all I could think about was Jake’s hand rubbing up and down my snatch under the table.

Being naughty in public is really a huge turn on for me. In fact it’s probably one my most persistently recurring fantasies. As I was masturbating to mental images of what was going to take place that night I started to feel my body tensing up with anticipation of a huge fucking orgasm. When I finally came my entire body began to shudder until my pussy exploded with an intense pleasure that can only be achieved through orgasm. As for dinner that night, I will say that our date was incredible and this time I made sure to return the favor by orally servicing Jake under the table.

Ladies if you’re looking for a guaranteed lay from your dinner date just throw on a short dress with no panties and let him explore your love tunnel under the table. I’m sure he’ll love it and of cour.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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