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~kisses, Allie.


One of my members recently e-mailed asking if my girlfriend Sammy and I would do a private live came show just for him. Mark wrote about how his biggest erotic fantasy was to do a live cam show with Sammy and I. He talked about how hot it would be to tell us what to do to each other as he watched and directed all the action. While reading his e-mail I immediately became so aroused that I started diddling myself under the desk.

Just the thought of some completely random guy telling my girlfriend and I what to do to each he watched was enough to get me off. I continued fingering myself as I read on and I was able to cum before I even got to the end of his e-mail. I then grabbed my phone and called Sammy to see if she was interested in helping me fulfill Mark’s fantasy. Of course she was game and we set up a time later that week to get together with Mark.

As you can see from the video, Sammy and I decided to have a little fun before hooking up with Mark. Yeah, I know we could have waited but we had twenty minutes to kill before signing on with Mark so why not make good use of our time. Besides I can’t be in the same room with Sammy for more than a couple of minutes before I get an overwhelming desire to at least make out with her. We got each other off several times before our scheduled show with Mark and then of course we pleasured each other at his direction for over an hour.

Sorry we aren’t able to share the portion of the action where Mark joined us, that part is for his eyes only. Oh and Mark, Sammy and I both had an incredible time with you and would love to do it again sometime soon. Thank yo.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

NaughtyAllie, Sammy Tyler



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