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Jake and I had been corresponding with this girl Anna that we had met on-line. We had been thinking about taking a vacation when Anna mentioned that she and a bunch of her friends were planning their annual get together in Las Vegas and asked if we'd like to join them. It had been a couple years since we'd been to Vegas so we decided to go, besides we'd been wanting to meet Anna anyway. Our first night in town we met Anna and her friends at one of the casino bars for a few drinks. Well, we weren't there for more than twenty minutes before someone suggested that we head upstairs to Anna's suite to continue the party there.

It wasn't very long before the girls headed toward the bedroom area of the suite where we all pretty much just started getting naked. I had to laugh to myself when I looked up and saw a couple of the guys grabbing their cameras. I don’t think they ever wanted to forget this moment, seven naked hotties all in one bed. I was kind of nervous at first, after all I hadn't even been introduced to some of these girls yet.....

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