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One of my members, Sean, asked if I had any photos of me having interracial sex. I haven’t ever been with a black man before but I started to fantasize about sucking and fucking a big black cock. In order to fulfill this fantasy I set out on a little shopping adventure to find the thickest black cock that I could possibly fit into my tight little pussy. I found the most beautiful chocolate colored cock at one of our local adult book stores. I knew right away that it would be perfect for my fantasy.

The whole way home it was all I could do to keep from unwrapping it and shoving it up my now dripping pussy. At the time I was wearing a skirt so it would have been really easy to slid my panties aside and fuck myself senseless with that huge thing. I thought that if I even tried that I would wreck the car for sure so I just hurried home as fast as I could. The moment I walked in the door I ripped the package open and I told Jake to stick it in his pants so I could fuck and suck his newly acquired appendage.....

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