"I Introduce Jake To My New Friend"


Hey guys, it's Jake here. Allie mentioned that she received a lot of great feedback when I wrote the commentary to go along with the photos from one of our hot threesomes a while back. Since everyone seemed to enjoy hearing about things from my perspective last time around she's asked me to do it again. I attended a business convention in Arizona this past spring and Allie decided to come along. I had to spend most of my time in meetings and seminars but Allie managed to take advantage of her free time by hanging out at the pool and scoring one hell of a hottie!

I had just gotten back to our room from a long day of meetings as Allie was getting out of the shower. I asked how her day was and she replied, "incredible!" I could tell by the grin on her face exactly what that meant. She then went on to tell me about this girl she had met at the pool and eventually brought back to our room where they spent the rest of the afternoon fucking.....

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