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I'm quite sure you all remember this smokin hottie but I'll refresh your memory just in case. I met Taylor for the first time about a year ago and we really hit it off. We spent most of that weekend giving each other orgasms by just about every means imaginable. Unfortunately she doesn't live very close to me so I had to wait quite a while to repeat the experience.

Last week I finally hooked up with her again and let me just say that it was even better than I had remembered. I called Taylor as soon as I checked into my room just to make sure we were still on for the night. She responded by saying, "Hell yes we're still on for tonight as a matter of fact I can be there in 20 minutes!" She wasn't kidding either, I think it was less than 15 minutes after I hung up the phone when I heard her knocking at the door. We didn't waste much time with small talk and instead got right down to business.....

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