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You guys know how I love to get naked, especially when it's in public. Well this time I got myself into a little trouble during our stay at a hotel in Florida. I was admiring the view from our balcony when I spotted a lifeguard tower on the beach. I thought it would be a really cool place to take some pics so I had Jake bring the camera along later that day when we went for a walk on the beach. When we got to the lifeguard tower I jumped up on it and began showing off for the camera as I flashed my titties and my pussy.

A couple of guys who were walking by stopped and began to cheer me on. I continued to put on a little impromptu show right there on the beach and quite a few spectators began to gather. I was really getting turned on by flashing my goods in public in front of all those people when I noticed two guys in uniform step from the crowd and yell at me to get down from the lifeguard tower.....

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