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I often get e-mail from members telling me how much they enjoyed catching Jake and I getting naughty in front of one of the many voyeur cams I have placed throughout my home. Some of the e-mail goes into great detail about how erotic it was to peek in and find us fucking. I recently received an e-mail on this topic from a member who also noted that I don’t have a lot of photos of just Jake and I together. His e-mail got me thinking so I took a look at my site and realized "MtnClmbr34" made a good point.

Although I do have quite a few pics of just Jake and I most of the photos and videos on my site are actually group sex encounters. You know my philosophy, "the more the merrier!" That being said, I promised "MtnClmbr34" the next time I got naughty with Jake I would bust out the camera and take some pics for.....

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