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Jake and I were headed to a swinger party last weekend when we drove past an adult toy store. We don't have any naughty stores like this near our home so I usually order most of my toys on-line. Unfortunately you can't really checkout the merchandise on the web like you can in the store so I get really excited at any opportunity to shop for my toys in person. I looked at the clock in the car and realized we had plenty of time for an unplanned pit stop. I told Jake to turn around so we could go back to the sex shop and pick up a few things.

As soon as we entered the store I saw a perfect red jelly dildo. When I wrapped my hands around it I could tell it was far thicker than any toy I've ever used. I knew right away that I had to feel it inside my pussy so I grabbed it off the rack and headed straight to the cashier. Although we managed to get lucky at the party that night I decided to give my new toy a little test drive on the way home.....

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