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I have a few girlfriends that are huge fans of those trashy romance novels you always see at the grocery store. I’ve never really had any interest in them until a recent conversation with my friend Shyla. She said she’s been hooked ever since she discovered her older sister’s collection when she was a teenager. Shyla told me all about how she had her first experience with masturbation while reading one of these naughty books. She likes to call this particular genre of literature “porn for chicks”. I soon discovered why after she loaned me one from her own private library.

By the time I was halfway through the first chapter I was ready to jump on a nice hard cock. I honestly couldn’t believe the type of explicit language used in a book you can pick-up at a grocery store that won’t even sell Playboy. I was only a few pages into the second chapter when my pussy began to tingle. The writer of this particular book had a way of making the reader feel as though they were part of the story. I began to imagine myself being fucked senseless by the lead male character. My mind ran wild and my pussy was throbbing as I continued to fantasize what it would be like to join the sexy couple in this book for some hot group sex.....

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