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If I could change one thing about my current home it would be to add one of those sprayer attachments to my bathtub. Our last home had one and I used it religiously, lol. Any girl who’s ever masturbated with one of those things will agree they get you off quicker and with more intensity than just about any other form of stimulation, well except maybe Jake’s tongue. They’re especially useful because whenever I take a nice hot soak in the tub I like to finish things off with an orgasm to complete the experience.

Yeah, sure I could always use my fingers or one of my many toys but I prefer the unique sensation that can only be achieved by having multiple streams of water pelting my labia and my clit simultaneously. And using one with a pulsating feature is even better. Anyway, I’ve been bugging Jake to add one of those things to our bathtub but he always says he doesn’t have the time. So whenever we stay at a hotel I always keep my fingers crossed that they’ll be one in our room. I was in luck at the last place we stayed and I used that fucking sprayer to work my pussy the entire time we were there.....

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