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What girl doesn't have a recurring fantasy involving an extremely huge cock? And when I say "huge" I'm not talking about 9", 10", 11", or even 12", I'm talking about something measured in terms of feet and so thick that it would be impossible to actually achieve any sort of real penetration, except in my own little perverted dream world. Often times I wake up in the middle of the night with my pussy soaking wet and throbbing only to realize that I was just in the middle of an intensely realistic dream involving an excessively huge cock stretching my pussy to completely unrealistic proportions.

I was talking with my girlfriend Sammy the other day about my freakishly large cock dreams and she laughed and said it's perfectly normal to dream about insanely large cocks. She even confided that she has similar dreams herself. Ok so maybe I'm not that big of a nympho, or maybe all of my friends are just as bad as me. Who knows, maybe I should set-up a poll on my website to see what percentage of women have similar.....


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