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Ok guys, prepare yourselves for this one! I hope I don’t scare anyone away with these photos since I’m wearing absolutely no make-up! Talk about candids, this is about as candid as it gets. Jake and I were on vacation in Mexico and we had spent most of the afternoon at the beach. The sun was crazy intense that day so we decided to head back to the pool at our casita since it was shaded there. As soon as I jumped into the pool with my Strawberry Daiquiri in hand I noticed a sign that prohibited drinking in the pool.

Well I certainly wasn’t about to get out of the pool and you know I wasn’t about to give up my drink either. Yeah, I know call me a rebel. Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny so I asked Jake to grab the camera and snap a few pics of me enjoying my drink in front of the no drinking sign. At some point I obviously decided to flash him and eventually I just took my bikini top off. Of course you know what came next, that’s right the bottoms came off too.....

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